Treatment Add-Ons

Treatment Add-Ons

Brow Tint | $25

Eyebrow tinting is the process of applying semi-permanent dye to enhance, shape, and define your brows. Our aestheticians will sit down with you and discuss what brow shape and color you prefer to create beautiful, sculpted brows.

Lash Tint | $25

Lash tinting is the process of applying a semi-permanent dye to your eyelashes to enhance their natural appearance, making them appear darker, longer, and fuller. Our aestheticians will work with you to determine the perfect color and depth to enhance your natural lashes.

Light Therapy Treatment | $25

Custom designed light therapy based on skin type. Specifically targets concerns such as anti-aging, acne, and skin discoloration.

Extractions | $25

Safely clear out clogged and compacted pores to reduce blackheads and breakouts.

Lip Mask | $25

Enriched with vitamin C and antioxidants, our lips mask boasts hyaluronic acid and minerals. Enjoy refreshed, supple, and soft to the touch lips.

Hydrating Gel Mask | $50

Deeply soothe and hydrate your skin with a hyaluronic acid-packed mask.

Charcoal Mask | $50

This purifying charcoal mask unclogs pores, deeply detoxes, and helps absorb environmental toxins.

Exfoliation Accelerator | $25

Provides gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells and stimulates epidermal renewal.

Dermaplane | $50

Add on the serious exfoliation of dead, dry skin and vellus hair to your facial.

Your Treatment Add-Ons treatment will be performed by our Spa Pavone team in Spokane.